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Community Services Courses


A career in community services offers the opportunity to help those in vulnerable or less fortunate situations in our society.

Community service workers work in a variety of different capacities to assist clients with resolving personal issues and helping identify resources in order to help the client.

People in community services are typically employed by community centers and other organisations that are concerned with community care programs. Client's are often comprised of homeless people, pregnant teens, families and the elderly. Community workers admin duties are often carried out in office environments whilst their hands-on work is often carried out in halfway houses and housing prgrams.

Providing emotional support is an important aspect of being a community service worker, so strong communication skills are required as well as confidence in interacting with people. The role can be stressfull and even dangerous at times so the ability to deal with stress is also a consideration.

Community service courses can give you the opportunity to study, learn and eventually graduate and make a difference in someones life and contribute in a meaningful way to society.