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Graphic Design Courses

Bachelor Degree

If you're a visual person you may thrive as a graphic designer. While the term 'graphic designer' still encompases traditional skills such as corporate design, logo design, branding and layout, the skillset in recent times has had to broaden to meet the demands of the digital age. Understanding user experience (UX), user interface (UI) and responsive design for web pages are all related skills that a designer needs to promote a brand online. The essence and purpose of a graphic designer however, remains the same - to communicate visually with an audience and in the commercial sense, to create and represent a brands identity through the elements of line, form, shape, colour and motion. The only difference in todays world, is that instead of the audience only looking at a poster on a street or flicking through a magazine, they are interacting with phones using gestures.

The world of graphic design is as exciting and diverse as ever before, with the digital age bringing even more opportunites for a designer to harness their creativity.